Thar is a wide, non-linear map with multiple paths and strategies available. However, it is assymetrical; thus, the team starting on the top-left side has a more diverse set of openings. Each team starts with one nearby outpost and another neutral near on the other side of their Fortress.


Openings on this map are very diverse.  There are two standard-play openings that are generally considered viable for both sides while the team starting in the top-left have an additional, third, viable opening.  In team games, different team members can go for different openings or focus on a single one together.

The first viable opening is to go for the neutral near outpost.  The neutral near outpost is guarded by 3 Seekers and 4 Brutes (inside the outpost).  It is possible to kill the first seeker before the game starts via normal fire.  A Helix can also do damage to this outpost and Angels can snipe another one of the Seekers before the game starts.  A single tank is capable of clearing this outpost but 2-3 are usually used to speed the process up.

The second viable opening is to go for mid whilst ignoring the neutral near.  This is a risky opening as you risk letting your opponent take middle instead whilst losing all of your hard work and gaining nothing.  However, this opening can create a platform from which to stage attacks and win the game.

The third viable opening, only available to the top-left side, is to move from the 9 O'clock outpost (the one that they start with) and ferry units over to the island outpost.  This is the most lightly defended neutral outpost in the map but can be a bit hard to take because it warrants ferrying over units.  Once taken by a side, this outpost (like all other island outposts) is often very hard to attack and can be defended with only minor defenses most of the time.

Aside from the standard play openings, other openings (such as cheese and jackal spamming) can be attempted too.  Cheese openings should target the outpost that the opponent's team starts with, and not one defended by neutrals.


  • There is an area of high ground behind each fortress.  Units dropped on the edge of this ledge cannot be blocked.
  • Capture one of the three closest outposts to the enemy base to make pushing easier.  Pushing without a direct path to the enemy fortress on this map is usually a poor idea due to map size and shape.


  • "Rath" is "Thar" backwards.
  • Rath was originally identical to Thar sans the removal of the middle outpost and replacement with a neutral lockbox.  This was made back when AirMech had v1.0 and v2.0 rulesets.  Rath (along with Salt) were maps made specifically for the v2.0 ruleset.
  • Thar and Rath are now further separated by balance updates that have affected Thar, but not Rath (due to the fact that Rath is not in the active MM map pool while Thar is).


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