Slow moving and unarmed, this armored walker was designed to protect the units around it from damage. Will retreat into defensive mode when under attack, which greatly increases its armor. Much easier to destroy when in the open position, or from behind.
Even though it is best used in Survival game modes as a wall, it can still be used to block unit paths in PvP.


The Turtle is a high health, damage soaking support unit. It is slow moving and curls up into its shell when taking damage, greatly increasing its armor and survivability. By putting a Turtle at the front of your offensive line, your tanks and artillery can safely shoot at enemy units from behind the protection of the Turtle. When it's not taking damage it will stand upright, and can move slowly.


  • Will attract the fire of enemy units when placed in front of friendly units.
  • Cannot be moved by enemy units similar to turrets, and is hard to kill when shielded.
  • Can survive multiple shots, and can also slowly move along with a push.


  • Cannot be built until Level 4 in-game.
  • Can die quickly to burst damage before it has time to deploy its protective shell.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well in combination with high damage defensive units such as Buster and Bertha.
  • In a defensive game, it is great for protecting your units from damage and allowing them to deal more damage.


In The Turtle's curled up state, it takes 10% of normal damage, making them useful for making fortified areas. It has NO weapons so it cannot damage units. The primary purpose of the Turtle is to simply absorb damage, protecting friendly units near it. It is most useful when placed in narrow passages.

Fans of the Turtle created a fanclub called the Turtle Team, found here.