This upgraded version of the regular Boxer features two additional jump seats, allowing it to carry up to six infantry units into battle. It also features dual mounted guns for extra fire power. Some sacrifices needed to be made to reduce the weight, so it has less armor compared to the regular Boxer.


The Ultimate Boxer can carry up to six infantry, and does more damage than the regular Boxer. As a result, it has less health and more upkeep, and it costs more to build.

The Ultimate Boxer is a lightly armed, heavy armored unit. It's main role is to deliver infantry to heavily defended lines or hard to reach Outposts. When the Boxer is placed down the 6 closest infantry will automatically enter it, ready to be delivered to the nearest Outpost once the Boxer is commanded.


  • Is one of the most cost effective high health units, allowing it to take a lot of damage.
  • Can quickly neutralize outposts and then occupy them with the infantry that walk out once the Boxer reaches the outpost.


  • Does very little damage, needs other units in support to destroy outpost defenses.
  • Only real purpose is for pushing into outposts, not effective in many other roles.

Good Loadouts

  • Requires an infantry, or Creeps, to occupy the Boxer.
  • Best infantry are strong ones such as Morty or SAM.


Some people like to fill boxers with Boomers, called "Boom Boxes", and send them into the enemy lines to explode. Although not always effective, it is always fun to watch.

Otherwise known as an Armored Personnel Carrier or "APC" for short, this machine gun mounted military transport vessel was made to deliver troops close to otherwise difficult to reach trench lines. Capable of being loaded with up to four infantry units at a time which promptly spring forth like Trojans from a horse when the Boxer is destroyed or unmolested in the proximity of a non-friendly outpost. Current occupancy is indicated by the 'light bulbs' on top.


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