A walking tank! Science gone crazy, as someone thought it would be a good idea to make a monstrous bot and then give it FOUR huge Gatling guns. Ultimate science OP!


Ultimates are excluded from Ranked and Unranked PvP games.

The Brute is arguably the strongest infantry unit. It has high damage and health, making it almost equivalent to a light unit, except it can also occupy Outposts. It excels at destroying light units and infantry, and is the best infantry for defending and pushing, which is why it requires level 4 in-game to build.


  • Brute's high health makes it very hard to neutralize an outpost filled with them.
  • Are a great counter to light units and infantry.
  • When put in large clumps they can quickly overwhelm defenses and kill Mechs quickly, even in the air.


  • Can be easily bombed and have a high cost and build time.
  • Are ineffective against heavier units, and cannot be built until level 4.
  • Many mechs cannot carry more than 2, making it hard to capture an outpost with them.
  • Have low turn speed, so can be out-maneuvered.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well with other light units to help push into enemy outposts.
  • Best used by high carry capacity mechs.


Brutes are similar to a Gatty when combined with a fixer and/or sergeant. A large amount of them is very effective at taking over Outposts, as they are able to shred AirMechs and enemy units. Brutes are also great in bunkering bases, because they are the strongest infantry you can use. Grouping them with many Sergeants is an effective way of clearing outposts while capturing them along the way.


  • Ultimate items cannot be used in PvP matches unless it's an ultimate game. If you start a PvP game with an Ultimate item, it will revert to its normal version (i.e. Ultimate Brute will revert to Brute). As of patch 15465, Ultimate units, Pilots, and Items can be used only in Custom games that have it enabled.
  • When the Ultimate Brute was first added, it was available in the shop for 650 diamonds.
  • Ultimate Brute was originally only in the shop for one week.
  • Ultimate Brute used to only be obtained by either Crafting one with the Nanoforge or by buying one in the player market from a player that crafted one.


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