Upgraded version of the regular Gatty features not one, but TWO gattling guns! Double the guns means double the fire power, and double the fun.


The Ultimate Gatty is the ultimate version of the Gatty, and it cannot be used in ranked or unranked pvp games.

The Gatty is a light Turret unit. It is a small and specialized Turret with a fast firing minigun that can quickly burst down light units and infantry. Although it has high DPS, its low weapon rating makes it only effective at killing low armor units such as infantry. It is great for protecting against infantry cheese, Boomer drops and light unit spam.


  • High rate of fire allows them to quickly kill light units and infantry.
  • Has fairly low cost and high health, allowing them to survive against everything except heavy tanks.
  • Unlike tanks, does not have a weak spot in its armor.


  • Has a long build time, making them hard to use as reactionary units against harassment.
  • High carry weight makes them hard to micro efficiently.

Good Loadouts

  • Works well as a light socketed defense for your outposts and fortress while you focus on the mid fight.
  • Should be supplemented with Anti-Air to protect it from mech harassment.


On defense, its role is quite straightforward, provide a reliable anti-infantry and light unit turret to cover outposts from persistent waves of Creeps, or the occasional Light-unit rush. Fielding them to cover armies against the likes of Butcher and Boomer are quite effective, and can provide support fire similar to a handful of Jackals against incoming armies.

On offense, its roles are a little more limited, as such a specialized turret can be easily countered by a mere couple of tanks, but Gatty retains its role as an excellent anti-light turret to help protect pushes against harassment from light units and passer-by infantry, and can help quickly secure freshly-neutralized outposts from enemy infantry if you have none to spare to capture it yourself.

As Gatty is a stationary turret, it is intended to be a support unit, not a direct combat unit. On defense, for example, Placing down Gatties in sockets to defend against a Jackal push may be somewhat effective, but Gatty doesn't have the armor nor the flexibility to take on large numbers of enemies at once. Placing down Tanks as Distractions, and Light units for additional firepower help make Gatty even better at its job, as now it isn't the only thing the enemy can shoot at, allowing the Gatty to deal more damage over a longer period of time, saving you from having to build even more defense units, and keeping the enemy units dead.

A misleading trait shown by its stats its its abnormally High DPS. While this may make Gatty seem able to kill almost everything, one must pay attention to the very low weapon value, which ensures that Gatty is unable to deal large damage to anything with even a decent armor rating; as such, its role should be confined to killing infantry and light units. Don't go using it against tanks, otherwise you would have wasted a good amount of credits.


  • This unit was intended to require Diamond VIP to purchase for testing but the attempt was unsuccessful and was left in the Shop.

Related QuestsEdit



Minced Meat

Get 300 unit kills using Gatties.

1000 Kudos

0 Diamonds icon


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