The swiftest of any armored car, this Soldier operated, medium armor vehicle comes fully equipped with a light machine gun capable of firing at air or ground to effectively threaten enemy units and AirMechs alike. While ejection technology is difficult in medium armored units, the system was installed anyways and provides a slight chance for the operator to survive after vehicle destruction.


The Ultimate Jackal is a high damage yet light vehicle unit. It's main purpose is to neutralize outposts, destroy infantry and distract tank fire. It has respectable health and damage which makes it great for pushing into enemy outposts.


  • Fast moving and spammable, works well as a distraction, especially when patrolled.
  • Can quickly neutralize outposts and then occupy them with Soldiers that spawn upon death.


  • Is very weak to anti-light units, and is susceptible to AoE.
  • Does very little damage to heavy units.
  • Requires Diamonds to be purchased

Good Loadouts

  • Works as a light unit for any loadout, and should be patrolled in front of tanks to absorb damage.
  • Can be sent on attack commands to distract the enemy while you gain an advantage in the mid fight or start a larger push.


While the Ultimate Jackal seems to be an excellent attacking unit, it actually serves a better roll as a defender. Its light weapon with high DPS means it will destroy any Creep wave or infantry push that isn't backed by some anti-vehicle units, and its ability to target air units means it can defend an Outpost against AirMechs as well as units. In large groups, they are able to do respectable damage to enemies, but Buckys or Armadillos are better suited to take out proper armored foes.


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