Generates resources which are converted to credit income for the player--double the basic Moneymaker. Only works when placed on a Pad connected to a team-owned building.


The Moneymaker is an income socket unit. This unit generates credits for your team over time when placed on a friendly socket.


  • Allows you to develop a large income lead over your opponent the longer a game goes on.


  • Only pays for itself during lengthy games.
  • Sets you back economically in the beginning of the match, which is a crucial time.
  • Can be easily harassed and destroyed, and has a very long build time in order to be replaced.

Good Loadouts

  • Is best used in loadouts that focus on the late game and can survive aggressive pushes in the beginning of the game.


The Ultimate Moneymaker generates approximately 100 credits every 5 seconds in-game.

Ultimate items cannot be used in PvP matches. If you start a PvP game with an Ultimate item, it will revert to its normal version (i.e. Ultimate Moneymaker will revert to Moneymaker).


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