These units can not be bought from the shop, but can be found after any game as a result of the random drop system in stacks of 3 or 5 depending on unit type. Players may buy additional stacks for kudos or unlock it permanently for 270 Diamonds. Stacked items consume a (1) count each time they are used in a completed game, online or offline.

List of Unit AlternatesEdit

  1. Archy Aggressor
  2. Bucky Aggressor
  3. Cheap Bucky
  4. Cheap Rebel
    • Archy Aggressor
    • Bucky Aggressor
    • Cheap Bucky
    • Cheap Rebel
    • Fine Gemini
    • Fine Honeypot
    • Fine Longhorn
    • Heavy Flakker
    • Heavy Ratchet
    • Hellstorm Brute
    • Hellstorm Gatty
    • Hellstorm Haat
    • Hunter Seeker
    • Hyper Armadillo
    • Hyper Fixer
    • Hyper SAM
    • Rapid Arty
    • Swift Rebel
  5. Fine Gemini
  6. Fine Honeypot
  7. Fine Longhorn
  8. Fine Shooter
  9. Goliath Aggressor
  10. Heavy Flakker
  11. Heavy Ratchet
  12. Hellstorm Brute
  13. Hellstorm Devastator
  14. Hellstorm Gatty
  15. Hellstorm HAAT
  16. Hunter Seeker
  17. Hyper Armadillo
  18. Hyper Fixer
  19. Hyper SAM
  20. Rapid Arty
  21. Swift Rebel


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