Unit typeEdit

Airmech, being an RTS, makes use of many different types of units, each with their own characteristics. A concise list of the aforementioned units is listed below.


All Infantry units attempt to capture Outposts, though a handful prioritize other tasks first, such as healing friendly units or destroying enemy units. Infantry are the only units that can enter and capture Outposts, filling the empty slot in each corner of the outpost until all slots are full and the outpost switches to friendly. If enemy infantry occupy any slots, friendly infantry will destroy them before entering. After all Outposts on the map are captured, Infantry advance toward the enemy's Fortress. Most infantry can take orders.


Vehicles are lighter and cheaper versions of tanks. They are used for quickly attacking Outposts in high amounts or at the back of a tank push. They have a chance to spawn infantry upon their death, so they can quickly take over a neutralized outpost.


Tanks are your main source of damage output and damage absorbency. They can both take a lot of damage and deal a lot of damage. Unlike Turrets, they are mobile, however also take double damage from the back.


Turrets are completely immobile, usually able to rotate, and can be placed on sockets to heal themselves and double their combat abilities. They have multiple uses, but usually specialize in destroying certain types of units. They function when they are not on sockets, but receive bonuses when placed on one. For example: turrets cost no upkeep when placed on sockets (though they will cost upkeep if they are moved off-socket or the corresponding outpost is neutralized).


Artillery take time to acquire their targets via aiming while having a relatively high vision range. They fire splash damage shells that fly in an arc, but they cannot attack targets close to them, and units protected by a Jamming unit will have artillery shells deflected away. Like Turrets, artillery do not cost upkeep when placed on sockets.

Hit PointsEdit

Hit Points determine the punishment one unit can endure before breaking down. In-game, Hit Points (abbreviated HP) are calculated in the magnitude of the hundreds, and are displayed im the form of blocks in the HP bar. One block denotes 100 HP, and the unit's HP total is seen when their bar is full and the blocks are counted.


Damage is the amount of punishment one entity is able to deal. There are three types of damage, all explained in their respective sections. Damage is affected by the weapon/armor relation.

Ground DamageEdit

Aerial DamageEdit

Blast DamageEdit


Describes your unit's speed




Carry WeightEdit



Build TimeEdit

Build CostEdit


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