Vale is a large map with 8 Outposts. Teams start with control of the three in front of their Fortress, while neutrals have the 2 heavily fortified top left and bottom right Outposts. The 2 corner Outposts each have 3 Sockets, the 2 middle Outposts have none, while the rest have 2. Each Fortress has 2 Sockets to the front and 2 to the rear.

Vale is a perfect 3v3 map in that each player can take their own lane: top, mid, bottom similar to DotA or League of Legends.

The sheer size of the map makes defence complicated. The best defence often being a good offence. Turrets or tanks at your Fortress may be a wise idea to counter tank train, jackal rush or back door attacks. Each of these techniques has a certain point in the game they are most viable. Forming a tank train from anywhere other than your fortress is difficult, and using artillery is impossible {*} if your opponent is scouting and playing smart.

{* Artillery is of use for indirect fire, particularly on the enemy base/defenses/utilities.  However, it requires anti-air support (HAATs, Bucky, Turrets, and/or Shooters.)  It's a situational tactic, and may be little more than a distraction to keep an enemy player occupied.  Especially if you spread them out.  Like all large open maps, spread out forces are more effective, and secure than closely packed clusters.  Range, and area coverage are king, and queen.}


  • This is the only non-survival map which has the Gorgon units on the map - they also spawn on Duel.
  • This is the largest map in AirMech
  • Vale has the largest amount of outposts out of all maps.
  • As of version 15272, trees have been cut to allow for quicker paths to outposts, and the inner neutrals have been removed, with the HAATs being moved to the corner outposts.


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