There are currently a total of 9 void variants, each originating from Void Crate.

The base ingredients are the same for all of the recipes. A Void Skin requires Carbon Powder. Alloy, VIP Tickets, and either a Black Ops variant, or if there is none, a Gothic variant of the desired mech.

Check the Nanoforge Crafting Guide for more information on the ingredients.


  • The plan itself. You need to have the according plan to forge! (It will not be consumed)
  • 1x Carbon Powder
  • 1x Alloy
  • 3x VIP Shop Ticket
  • 1x Skin:
    • Black Ops
      • Bomber
      • Helix
      • Paladin
      • Saucer
      • Striker
    • Gothic
      • Angel
      • Osprey
      • Neo
      • Warthog

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