The Warzone is a now defunct PvE gamemode which put you in a survival situation against waves of units that were trying to destroy your Fortress. The Warzone got removed from Airmech as part of the split into Strike and Wastelands and formed a framework for the latter.

You could access the Warzone through the Warzone Tactical Center located in your Base Camp. There were seven unique maps with slightly different objectives that you had to complete in order to win the gamemode. The maps rotated availability each day of the week, so you would play a different map each day.

If you survived the waves and complete the objectives you would beat the map and earn a checkmark. If you obtained a checkmark and defeated each of the maps, you would be rewarded with a Iron Hand Bomber skin. After each victory there was a chance that the map's Warzone Card would drop. These cards allowed you to play on that map any day of the week.
Super Powerup Orb

There were Super Powerup Orbs located around most of the Warzone maps which gave your mech incredible powers. These powers varied based on your mech and could either be damage charges or time-based buffs.

Ultimates and teammates were allowed in the Warzone, and could make the experience easier to complete. Cheats could also be used, but using cheats would not count as obtaining victory in the map.


Highway to HellEdit

Attack! Blast your way to victory along the most dangerous stretch of road on Earth: The Siberian Highway. The Iron Hand has constructed a defensive stronghold here. Breech, bang, clear.

Highway to Hell is the most difficult map in the Warzone gamemode. There are two Outposts to obtain as you attempt to survive eight waves of swarming Rocketeers and Goliaths.

The Great WallEdit

After the Minsk Massacre of 2052, this massive defense wall was all but rubble. Now it's all that stands between free Europe and a massive Iron Hand invasion force. Hold the line! In this special survival mode, you must have at least one outpost captured at all times, or the wall will crumble.

Arguably the easiest map in the Warzone. All you need to do is protect cliff way as like '300' Spartan HOTGATE battle. There are only 2 waves, but second wave sends a lot of Goliaths and a lot of infantry.

Battle of SiamEdit

Returning to their base built in the late 2050's, the Iron Hand is working on a new Wave Cannon. This terrible weapon must be destroyed before it is used. Top of the Spear offensive: Capture one enemy outpost every three minutes, or the mission is scrubbed.

Dogs of WarEdit

The Iron Hand continually conducts recon missions to the old scrapyard at the Mile High DMZ in the central U.S.. Intel has it that they are farming for pre-war tech and spare parts. Destroy them all.

There is only one outpost to be captured and there are friendly units scattered all around the map. Carry them over to the outpost in order to secure it in under two minutes, and then defend it from eight waves of enemies using the various units provided.

Vorgo PassEdit

Countless wars have hinged on this strategic craig in the Ural Mountains of Rovakia. Dig in and survive as the Iron Hand swarms the pass with 18 waves of destructive power.

Denev CraterEdit

Once the impact site of the Wave Cannon in 2120, this crater is now being studied for its strange remnant energy and off-world materials. The Iron Hand are set to claim the crater for themselves, and defenses are thin. No Fortress, and face defeat if even one outpost is taken or any AirMech is destroyed. Good luck.

This is the second hardest map, as each outpost must be reclaimed within 2 minutes if it is neutralized.

The KeepEdit

It's Sudden Death against the Iron Hand in a cataclysmic, brutal conflict at the Norman Castle of Gunderheim. If the Iron Hand takes this mighty stronghold, there will be no stopping them.

There are 6 waves, with the last one being a "VOID" invasion, where black Goliaths with orange outlines attack.