AirMech Strategy Quests Variants


The XM-85 Neo is the fastest AirMech, although the Saucer has better overall mobility due to the Blink ability. It has a strong upper hand against most enemies in a dogfight. It has the second fastest aerial rotation speed after the Saucer while having slightly less firepower than the Striker. It can land and use the Stasis Blast to pin down enemy AirMechs or slow down enemy rushes. It can also launch ambushes with its Cloak ability in the air as well as on the ground. However, the Neo has the least health in the entire game and is tied with the Angel for lowest armor.

The Neo uses speed and agility to avoid death. While the Neo has less attack power than most other dogfighting AirMechs, the same agility that helps the Neo survive is also that same thing which will kill the opposition. The Neo can take out single tanks with ease due to its fast base ground speed. The stasis burst can slow down a rush and reduce the firing speed of enemy units. Cloak can be used for covert operations against the knowledge of the enemy.

Loadout BuildsEdit

Any pilot works fine with the Neo except for Beppo, and parts dedicated to the Neo's speed and energy along with abilities allow the Mech to recharge quickly in between ability usage. Combining it with increased speed makes a Neo pilot hard to catch.

Ability UsageEdit



The Neo sacrifices both armor and firepower in exchange for a hit-and-run play style meaning it doesn't take much damage from turrets, tanks and AirMechs. Neo players use Cloak to sneak behind enemy lines and to avoid being seen by the enemy team while they undo their progress towards map wide domination.

While the Neo is hard to catch it doesn't perform fairly well against massed units or against another AirMech, so if a Neo is discovered it's best to kill it now rather than later as a surviving Neo will continue to cause chaos. If a Neo Cloaks it will either evade your attacks or flee from battle to recover.

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