ZobaMech is a custom gamemode in AirMech that is similar to team deathmatch in other games.
ZobaMech Icon

The goal is to kill the enemy mechs, however the unique part is that no units can be built and transforming into the air depletes your health. Each time a mech is killed a portion of the fortress health is taken, so the first team to get the most kills wins the game.


There are many strategies in ZobaMech, but one of the most popular strategies is to equip heavy pilots such as Mako or Beppo to increase survivability. Team mech composition is a key part of the game. Generally there is a medic, the M-23 Osprey, as well as the tank, M-47 Paladin or M-10 Warthog. The third mech is up to the team. The tank stands in the front of the group and soaks up damage while the medic stands in the back and heals him. The last team member deals damage to the opposing team and goes for kills.

Trivia Edit

  • ZobaMech is a player-created gamemode originally made by player Zirnitra.

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